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It's All About the Hair on Hairy Tale Farm!

My farm consists primarily of chickens, ducks, and rabbits. They of course have feathers and fur with personalities that create many hairy tales, but most of them have "extra" hair.

1/1/20251 min read

Sherlie (short for Sherlock) is one of my Polish roosters. Polish roosters have longer "hair" than the girls. This can make for extra wet and messy hair on days when there is bad weather. I couldn't help but dress Sherlie up a fancy barrette until his hair dried. He has a hard enough time seeing when his hair dry. When it's wet his hair droops completely over his eyes, poor boy!!

When Covid hit hard in 2020 I'm sure we all remember the great toilet paper shortage. I remember going to Walmart and there still was no toilet paper on the shelves. Next stop for the day was Tractor Supply to stock up on feed. But I had to pass by the danger zone right in the middle of the store...Where all the chicks were. Even though I shouldn't have been looking, I spotted the only 2 baby ducklings with little bobbles on their heads. How could I pass up what would someday be very hairy ducks?

I snatched them right up! I had no trouble deciding what to name them on my short 3 minute drive home. Cotton and Nelle. AKA the Cottonelles! That's the closest I got to buying toilet paper on that day, ha ha.